Four examples of successful transformation

Mindfulness with Awaris: more than 200 supported clients so far

More and more companies are setting out on the path to more awareness in leadership and corporate culture. We have supported more than 200 clients worldwide and are working on about 300 projects per year. Our clients are our focus. Their learning, their development and their transformation are what drives us forward.

Most internal feedback on the program is on the positive impact of the trainings on cooperation, atmosphere as well as personal behaviour, for example self-reflection.

Claudia Hole,
Future of Work Project Leader, Ikea AG Schweiz

Ikea Switzerland:
Train the trainer

In 2018, Ikea Switzerland began to integrate mindfulness into their training – at first as a pilot project for leaders in their furniture store in Zurich. This was so successful that it became the starting point for further initiatives at Ikea. It has even received an award for particularly innovative HR projects in Switzerland.

More resilience for all, a benefit for corporate culture

Hilti wanted their employees to be more resilient, as a high work load, pressure for change and stress on the job and in their private lives took their toll. The annual employee survey had revealed a need for action. This is why Hilti introduced a two-day program for all 30,000 team members worldwide. It focused on how collective intelligence and high performance can be achieved when people take care of themselves and of each other and promote team culture. Mindfulness practice is a central part of this program.

Top! A true partnership. Awaris has a tremendous knowledge and experience and is willing to share it with us. They are flexible to adapt to our needs to make the message a relevant topic for 30,000 people worldwide. We challenged them and they challenged us and together we worked out a successful result – a pleasure.

Eivind Slaaen,
Head of People and Culture Development, Hilti

The topics of empathy, serenity, focus, and presence were particularly important. The results we hoped for: An increased ability for self-reflection and increased resilience. That the image of humanity is reconsidered and that people are approached more positively. Overall, we wanted to underline and showcase the mere existence of the VUCA world, meaning to have an improved perception of what is going on. In other words, SCARF in action.

Petra Martin,
Head of Competence Centre Leadership, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany

Mindfulness on the Leadership Campus

The business section Bosch Automotive Electronics has been integrating mindfulness in their executive development for the past six years. Aspects like emotion and awareness, coaching and empathy as well as agility in a volatile world were covered. More than 2,000 employees have taken part over the years. Because of the great success, Campus unlimited was created – a trainerless academy, in which participants put the experience gained from the Leadership Campus into practice through self-organization.

New impulses for leaders through mindfulness

Thyssenkrupp restructured its management development program for middle management as a whole. The Thyssenkrupp Academy reserved one third of a three-day program for mindfulness. The goal: more focus in executives’ everyday life, better self-regulation. At the same time, Thyssenkrupp wanted their managers make the corporate mission statement their own and to define their own values. For this process, methods of mindfulness are the ideal companion.

Awaris offers good advice and supports you to develop mindfulness at work. Their team is respectful and they work alongside you. They are also sensitive to the company’s situation. There is no one size fits all, everyone should find their approach that suits.

Torsten Fröhlke,
Head of Regional Learning, Thyssenkrupp, Germany