Transformation through personal growth

Working life has become complex, especially for knowledge workers. Employees are expected to be motivated, willing to learn and have great team-spirit. We believe that this kind of willingness to perform can only thrive in the long term if staff feel valued and secure. We also think that businesses are most successfully transformed if individual employees are taken care of, so that personal and business growth are inextricably linked. To bring about lasting change, we believe in integrating research with mindfulness training, and cultivating authentic leadership.

Drawing on neuroscience and holistic thought, we want to support you, your teams and your leaders on this journey.


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From blended learning through face-to-face training to one-to-one coaching, we have developed various formats to help you and your teams become more resilient, collaborative and better at leading. Discover the right format for your organization now.


Cultivating new skills and habits using neuroscience

Why do we act the way we do? How do we break unhelpful habits and behavior patterns? Neuroscience offers answers to these questions. Those who develop skills such as resilience, emotional and social intelligence, compassion and mindfulness can have a positive impact on their work lives. And not only in terms of effectiveness, but also in terms of their attitude towards work itself.

Systemic thinking

Awaris is deeply rooted in systemic thinking

We think systemically in everything we do. Systemic thinking helps us see the big picture and understand how systems can change. When we open our minds and develop an awareness of the interconnected complexity of our work lives, we begin to see the whole and no longer just ourselves.

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