Awaris Team

Anneke Versluis


Why am I working for Awaris?
My values and purpose align with the values and purpose of awaris. Anneke joined the awaris team in 2022.

Anneke Versluis,


  • Master’s in Child and Family Psychology (Marriage and Family therapy, California, USA)
  • Master’s in Child and Family Psychology (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, NL)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (University of Reno, Nevada, USA)


  • Since 2014 coordinator role for European Space Agency, Noordwijk, NL
  • Since 2009 welfare officer for European Space Agency, Noordwijk, NL
  • 2 years of Trainer/Mediator/Moderator at Result Mediation & Grip Psychologists, Amsterdam, NL
  • 6 years experience as a family therapist in a private practice, Hillegom, NL
  • For 2 years an intern as marriage and family therapist in San Diego, USA
  • Since 2017 volunteer work as a mentor and external confidential counsellor, NL
  • Since 2021 volunteer work as external confidential counsellor for WedoWe, NL


  • Dutch
  • English

My Passion


Seeing every day as an opportunity for connection, growth, surrender to what is, experience joy, serve others and face challenges.

Anneke Versluis,