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When mindfulness becomes a part of our daily routine, we all notice the advantages. Our daily ConnectedMinds sessions add positivity to your daily life. They are a free service. 

People practicing mindfulness feel 

  • more balanced 
  • more focused 
  • more connected 
  • less burdened by worries 

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Meditation – how to turn it into a habit 

Making mindfulness and meditation a habit is not always easy. There are many reasons why we don’t succeed in establishing a stable practice. These include a busy schedule, lack of time, too many distractions or perceived stress. With ConnectedMinds’ daily mindfulness practice, you will have the opportunity to practice and integrate a routine and identify and overcome the obstacles you have faced so far. 

Understand your own mind and practice mindfulness 

Almost every morning we offer you the opportunity to practice together and to develop a sustainable routine. In this way participants will understand and experience how our mind works. Our focus is particularly on the following aspects: mindfulness, awareness, and resilience. We guide you to a higher consciousness of your inner and outer world. Find out how you may integrate this new routine into your life. 

Improved focus through daily mindfulness

Daily repetition helps develop a more stable awareness. This skill becomes ever more important the more virtual and fragmented our daily routine becomes in both the workplace and private life. It also facilitates presence and creativity, especially in moments when our environment changes and we are constantly assailed by new events. 

ConnectedMinds: a mindful start to the morning, Monday to Friday 

ConnectedMinds is aimed at anyone who would like a refreshing and quiet start to their day. There are no costs involved, nor do you need any previous experience. All you need is a browser or the ZOOM app, a camera, earphones if possible, and a quiet place with no distractions. 

We would like to encourage you to take part on a daily basis. However, you are equally welcome if you choose only the dates that suit you. The ZOOM window will remain open for up to five minutes after the start. 

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Connected Minds in German: Monday to Friday 8 to 8.30am (CET)
Connected Minds in English: Monday to Friday 8.30 to 9am (CET)  

ConnectedMinds: dates with selected topics 

07.02. – 04.03.2022 | Compassion & Courage | Sophie Maclaren

We are looking forward to meditating with you. Participation is free, but make sure you register for the events! 

More events to follow, stay tuned!  

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