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Topic: Cultivating Excellence with Care and Performance
Wednesday, 8 November 2023
3 – 4pm CET
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Cultivating Excellence: Hilti’s Secrets to a Culture of ­Care and Performance

Hilti as a company has long emphasised a culture of care and performance, putting people first and investing in the development of this culture.
This comes very strongly from the founders and has been continually emphasised by the board of directors and the management teams. This is not just something that is spoken about, but is really anchored in leadership development, people development, training and recruiting.

In this webinar Eivind Slaaen, Senior Vice President Human Resource und Head of People & Culture Development at Hilti Corporation will share his insights about:

  1. Foundational Values: Understand Hilti’s enduring commitment to a culture of performance and care, originating from its founders and consistently reinforced by top-level leadership.
  2. Beyond Words to Action: Gain insights into how Hilti transforms its cultural emphasis into tangible outcomes through strategic investments in leadership development, people development, training, and recruiting.
  3. Practical Strategies: Learn from concrete initiatives, such as team camps, as Hilti shares actionable strategies to breathe life into a culture that seamlessly integrates both performance and care.

The interlocutors of the Expert Chat

Chris Tamdjidi

Co-Founder & Co-Managing Director Awaris

Chris Tamdjidi started his career as a Physicist, before changing direction into the world of business and management consulting in Europe and Asia.  His lifelong interest in mindfulness and the sciences of the mind matured. He co founded Awaris, a company active in 15 countries helping people cultivate resilience, collaborative mindset and balancing care and performance.  Awaris helps companies pilot and rollout large scale programs to transform minds and hearts.

Eivind Slaaen

Head of People & Culture Development at Hilti Corporation

Eivind Slaaen has been responsible for the last 15 years for steering the culture development of Hilti. He personally believes passionately in this, and has lead major initiatives which have been rolled out to all 30,000+ employees world wide to anchor this culture of performance and care.

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