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Our Research and Evaluations

We are realists and deeply believe in examining reality. Most of the time there is too much focus on financial results. Many people have lost their sense of exploration, their curiosity and understanding how things are connected.

How does trust between people lead to better collective decision-making? How does relaxation affect our cognitive abilities? Why is stress anti-correlated with willpower? In times of change is it better to be speedy or to pause?

We need to understand these interconnections of our inner life and outer results.


We work closely with various research partners and publish our results in journals and dissertations. We look closely at what works and what does not and learn from it. We believe that honest research and deep understanding of how things work together form the basis for developing new learning that adds value to people and the organization.


We deeply believe learning and development programs should be assessed quantitatively. We do pre and post assessments on all our programs. Each participant can participate anonymously and receive a pre and post report of their own changes. This puts the responsibility for learning where it belongs – with the participants and their engagement.

We also offer specialised assessments – supported by one on one coaching.

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment

We offer world class three-day Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measurement and analysis. This gives participants a meaningful profile of stress, fitness and sleep quality / recovery – an excellent basis to build concrete behavior change on.


A holistic diagnostic tool for talent recognition and potential development. The report provides insights into strengths and weaknesses, preferred behavior, motives, values and motivational factors (driving forces). In addition, it shows us the communication styles with which one can reach the person and the work environment someone needs to be successful.

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“Mindfulness is about being realistic. What would you learn if you looked realistically, without ignoring the inner state of people or the fact that we are social beings, at your team or organisation?”