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  • Shifting Paradigms: The Transition from Wellbeing Programmes to Resilience Skills

    14 Min.

    Shifting Paradigms: The Transition from Wellbeing Programmes to Resilience Skills

    A skills-first shift in learning and development “The term ‘skills-first’ is increasingly used by a wide range of organisations across the private and public sector to describe a new approach to talent management that emphasizes a person’s skills and competencies – rather than degrees, job histories, or job titles – with regard to attracting, hiring,…

  • Expert Chat with Eivind Slaaen

    6 Min.

    Expert Chat with Eivind Slaaen

    Hilti as a company has long emphasised a culture of care and performance, putting people first and investing in the development of this culture. This comes very strongly from the founders and has been continually emphasised by the board of directors and the management teams. This is not just something that is spoken about, but is…

  • Attention@DB

    3 Min.


    Over 9,000 Deutsche Bahn train drivers are on duty every day to transport 4 million people safely. However, the job involves special challenges such as automation and isolation, which can affect concentration. This is where the innovative “Aufmerksamkeit@DB” program comes in to close potential safety gaps and improve the train drivers’ attention.

  • Busting four myths around leadership and performance management

    11 Min.

    Busting four myths around leadership and performance management

    Leadership is becoming increasingly complex and multifaceted and has been the subject of extensive study and discussion throughout history. As society evolves and organizations adapt to ever-changing dynamics, so too do the expectations and myths surrounding leadership performance. In the realm of leadership, myths often emerge, perpetuating misconceptions about what it takes to be an…

  • Busting five myths about individual workplace performance

    17 Min.

    Busting five myths about individual workplace performance

    Many businesses are once again focusing narrowly on profit and efficiency. As we highlighted in our previous blog post, the increased focus on workplace wellbeing and care during the pandemic has been sadly short lived. Once again, we’re seeing a shift towards a performance culture, at the expense of care for employees, as bosses force their…

  • Performance and Care: CAREFORMANCE

    19 Min.

    Performance and Care: CAREFORMANCE

    Can businesses focus on performance and care, for staff wellbeing, at the same time? The business world has become addicted to performance. Over the last 30 years, thought leaders, authors, researchers, and organisations have emphasized the role of a performance-oriented culture as a vital factor for business success. Leading management thinkers such as Peter Drucker,…

  • Resilience Competence Clusters

    18 Min.

    Resilience Competence Clusters

    This article was first published 5th June 23 on the global media site Make a Difference. Which resilience competencies do you have? Three resilience clusters to know about We all experience challenges at work. Your work is criticised in front of others. Your initiative is thwarted. You’ve made a mistake and a customer points it…

  • Mindfulness and resilience

    17 Min.

    Mindfulness and resilience

    Using Mindfulness to Build Resilience The building blocks of WE-silience In our previous blog post, we outlined some of the key steps needed to move from individual resilience to organisation-wide resilience, or WE-silience as we call it. It’s worth restating them here, before looking at the role mindfulness can play in building resilience. Clearly, there’s…

  • Resilient Leadership
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    18 Min.

    Resilient Leadership

    Leading for WE-silience Resilience is on the radar Leaders are increasingly aware of the importance of resilience for their staff and organisations. Sustainable performance, wellbeing, and resilience often come high on the list of priorities in leadership surveys. They wish to build human-centric, organisation-wide resilience (WE-silience). But leaders often fail to put this idea into…

  • Understanding WE-silience

    19 Min.

    Understanding WE-silience

    Expanding Resilience from ‘I’ to ‘We’ It’s important to understand an individual’s resilience. But we also need to shift our understanding of resilience to the team and organizational levels, for three reasons: Building organizational resilience skills The key to boosting team and organizational resilience – something we call WE-silience – is to focus on habits.…