Learning how to learn

Learning Landscapes

Increasingly competition will be based on the rate of learning. Not only cognitive learning, but also how we learn new ways of seeing and behaving.

This forms the backbone of how we work.


Different situations permit different amounts of time, reach and cost for learning programs. We have a good understanding across different formats what effect sizes different interventions can expect. It helps us design a realistic intervention together with you.

Blended learning

People need to be soaked in learning. We design and offer the right combination of blended learning support for ensuring that new habits are embodied.


We have designed our own and a handful of further apps for clients. This is essential in today’s world to help accompany participants in their lives and support habit changes.

Learning Platform

 We provide encompassing relevant materials including presentations, handouts, videos, exercises, studies, reflection questions and homework.


Essential aspect of modern learning. The design of the interaction is key to ensure richness in the learning.


We deeply believe learning and development programs should be assessed quantitatively. We do pre and post assessments on all our programs, and work with researchers to publish the results in journals. Each participant can participate anonymously and receive a pre and post report of their own changes. This puts the responsibility for learning where it belongs – with the participants and their engagement.

Contact us to find out about our blended learning solutions and how to design a learning journey.

“How do we learn best? When we are stressed or relaxed? When we feel positive or negative? How does our state of mind contribute to our learning?“