Why mindfulness is good for your teams and managers right now

Impulses for more resilience in the crisis 

The pandemic has changed many things. In this time of crisis, we have supported leaders and teams around the world and were able to observe: Virtual working can work. But this simple conclusion hides many, sometimes enormous differences and subtleties in day-to-day business. These impact the well-being and performance of those involved. Mindfulness is an important practice to become more resilient and to better face crises.

Our Awaris Impulses are a result of our coaching experience during the pandemic. We have found: Worries about the health of relatives and team members, the lockdown and assuming a double burden – such challenges can be better mastered through our trainings. The learning that is part of the Awaris Impulses can also support you in seeing what is likely to be around the corner.

Many people have only landed on the shores of virtual work but they haven’t really moved on to explore the island they’re on. We know how to make real connections in online meetings and continue to lead hybrid teams in the future. Benefit from our wealth of experience!

Liane  Stephan, co-founder, Awaris 

Mindfulness & Leadership RetreatRetreat

ConnectedMindsFree Morning Meditation Sessions: Emotional Intelligence

When mindfulness becomes a part of our daily routine, we feel the benefits. Our daily ConnectedMinds session helps you profit from this impulse in your everyday life. ConnectedMinds is for anyone who wants a refreshing, calm start to their day. No previous experience is necessary. We encourage you to attend daily. However, you are equally welcome to choose individual dates.

Mindfulness in LeadershipVirtual Home Retreat

A short time off

EmbodimentVirtual Home Retreat

A short time off

Compassion and CourageVirtual Home Retreat

A short time off

Retreats – where leaders and individuals regain their strength

Our Awaris retreats are an opportunity to pause, reflect and unwind. Our mental capacity is not an inexhaustible resource. We often exceed this limit in the working world. To regain strength and clarity, we offer retreats for leaders and individuals. Give yourself time to create an inner space for growth.

You want to reflect, understand and transform? Then it’s time for a retreat!

From mindfulness training to lived mindfulness
with our Awaris app

The Awaris app optimizes blended learning and supports the Awaris mindfulness trainings – ensuring the sustainability of the learnings.

Climate change, sustainability, inspiration
Our Podcast on green transformation

In the Inner Green Deal podcast by Awaris climate activists from science, politics and society talk about what drives them. Tune in!

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