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Mindfulness is one of the best methods to change habits and strengthen resilience, well-being and performance.

Our offerings around mindfulness empower leaders, staff and teams to go deeper into the topic and have a daily or time-limited practice experience, such as in the retreats. The combination of the latest neuroscientific findings and mindfulness-based interventions enables participants to gain deep personal insights and to integrate them into their everyday and work life.

Clarity and openness of mind allow us to perceive the world differently. We often cannot change the outside world, but we can control how we relate to it. Our offers allow us to have exactly this experience.

Liane Stephan,
co-director and founder awaris 


Free Morning Meditation Sessions: Emotional lntelligence

When mindfulness becomes apart of our daily routine, we feel the benefits. Our daily ConnectedMinds session helps you proftit from this impulse in your everyday life. ConnectedMinds is for anyone who wants a refreshing, calm start to their day. No previous experience is necessary. We encourage you to attend daily. However, you are equally welcome to choose individual dates.

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Retreats – where leaders and individuals regain their strength

Our awaris retreats are an opportunity to pause, reflect and unwind. Our mental capacity is not an inexhaustible resource. We often exceed this limit in the working world. To regain strength and clarity, we offer retreats for leaders and individuals. Give yourself time to create an inner space for growth.

Would you like to book a retreat on a specific topic for your team or your executives? Get in touch! Or participate in one of our openly advertised retreats!

Virtual Home Retreats

Deepening your mindfulness practice at home and at work

While we can practice mindfulness in the midst of our lives – truly deepening it usually requires a more intensive approach. These half-day virtual retreats at home will help you deepen your practice; learn to strengthen your ability to be present and be attentive, and cultivate more joy.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our Virtual Home Retreats next year!

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From mindfulness training to lived mindfulness
with our awaris app

The awaris app optimizes blended learning and supports the awaris mindfulness trainings – ensuring the sustainability of the learnings.

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Our Podcast on green transformation

In the Inner Green Deal podcast by awaris climate activists from science, politics and society talk about what drives them. Tune in!

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