Time out for more mindfulness
and resilience

Reconnecting to our source

Our Awaris retreats are an opportunity to pause, reflect and reconnect to our personal vision. Our mental and emotional capacity is not inexhaustible. We often exhaust ourselves. To replenish energy and regain clarity, we offer retreats to executives, teams and individuals. Give yourself time to create space internally for the growth of something new.

You want to reflect, see clearly and realign yourself? Then it’s time for a retreat!

A retreat is a time for practice and contemplation. It is a chance to get in touch with stillness and experience a sense of depth. Retreat time is, by its very nature, a time of contrasts – it offers perspectives on who we are and what we do.

Liane Stephan, co-founder, Awaris

Weekend retreats
for individuals

Becoming silent together

The current crises have impacted all aspects of our life. Part landslide, part slow slide, for some a growth spurt, for others an overload. This retreat offers the opportunity for deep insights, new perspectives and paths. The weekend retreat is for those who wish to be still together, to allow space and time to recognize what is and what may emerge from it. A simple, clear daily structure leads to a deep sense of calm.

Virtual Home Retreats

Deepening your mindfulness practice at home and at work

While we can practice mindfulness in the midst of our lives – truly deepening it usually requires a more intensive approach. These half-day virtual retreats at home will help you deepen your practice; learn to strengthen your ability to be present and be attentive, and cultivate more joy.

From mindfulness training to
lived mindfulness with our Awaris-App

The Awaris app optimizes blended learning and supports the Awaris mindfulness trainings – ensuring the sustainability of the learnings.

5-day retreat

Mindfulness and meditation as a source of strength

The faster and fuller the external world, the more we need an inner stillness and sense of space. This serves as a ground for our daily well-being. In this mindfulness retreat we will spend time practicing together, deepening our understanding of practice, group discussions, light physical exercises, nature walks and being silent. The 5-day retreat is also an opportunity to connect with others. A chance for an inner reset in the midst of the new normal.

Female Leadership Retreat

Meditation practice for female leaders

We believe that every woman has deep wisdom within her that wants to be visible. Being a leader is not just about fighting for recognition, but about tapping into that wisdom. Through the Female Leadership Retreat you will receive impulses, have deep conversations with other women and enjoy the space to reflect. Meditation forms a core practice of these days. Let your wisdom become visible!


Meditation every day

Join our daily virtual practice sessions as a way of coming together, developing a sustainable routine and understanding directly how our mind works. We dive into the following topics more deeply: Mindfulness, awareness, body and emotions in practice, courage and compassion and resilience. Find out with us how you can use this as a new normal for your life.

To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.

Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher, 6th century BC.