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Our modular trainings for more mindfulness, resilience and organizational transformation

Understanding how to shift mindsets and develop new habits will be the most important skills of the 21st century. All transformation springs from this skill. Without such a shift of mindset, the same kind of thinking will always produce the same kind of results. Our modular trainings, both impactful and inspiring, do just that: cultivate new perspectives that enable new ways of thinking and being.

Together with our partners, we have developed formats that are tailored to the diverse needs of teams and organizations: From face-to-face events to blended learning – solution-oriented, science-based and holistically conceived, we accompany your teams and leaders on the path to more mindfulness, caring and collective intelligence.

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New to the program:
TeamMind – how to build successful hybrid teams

Our TeamMind program helps teams anchor the habits of well-being, psychological safety and engaged collaboration in their work – whether virtual, live or hybrid. Not feeling connected, especially in online meetings, a heavy workload and a high frequency of e-mail communication impact stress and psychological safety. The TeamMind screening quickly helps teams identify habits that are strong and those they need to work on. Anchoring habits of performance and care in the team builds the basis for establishing a sustainable level of high performance.

New to the program:
Inner Green Deal Initiative

Europe is committed to becoming the first climate-neutral continent. To achieve this, we need inspiring, compassionate and decisive leaders at all levels of society. The Inner Green Deal (IGD) is an initiative to develop sustainable leadership.

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From mindfulness training to lived mindfulness with the Awaris app

The Awaris app optimizes blended learning and supports the Awaris mindfulness trainings – ensuring the sustainability of the learnings.

Mindset and skills training

Cultivate a developmental mindset in your employees! This requires skills such as attention control, emotional regulation and mindful communication habits. Develop a culture in your organization where happiness, engagement and value-creating collaboration are no longer foreign words. Our training programs are offered in a variety of formats and are suitable for different group sizes.

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Virtual programs

The pandemic has presented challenges to both employees and managers. In many places, collaboration has had to take place virtually. Our research with many virtual teams shows that this does not have to result in a loss of team performance or engagement. Building on this, we have developed evidence-based virtual programs to help leaders and teams find optimal responses to the challenges and issues in these uncertain times.

Leadership development

Efficiency with simultaneous compassion – for a well-functioning team where members feed on each other’s strengths. In today’s world, you need leaders who understand their job in a new way: They should be enablers, coaches and guides rather than subject matter experts. We have developed a series of leadership trainings and journeys that sustainably develop the new kind of leadership – deeply rooted in mindfulness, neuroscience and systems thinking.

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Individual coaching

No matter what position you hold in a company or organization, everyone has the potential to grow. In today’s world, life-long learning is a must. Not only professionally but especially as a human being. This requires continuous training and awareness in everyday life. In our one-to-one coaching sessions, we address individual needs and support the cultivation of mindfulness and resilience. Curious? Contact us, we will be happy to inform you about the contents of our individual coaching sessions.