Our programs for leaders and teams

WorkingMind means resilience, engagement and effectiveness in working life

Cultivating attention, presence, resilience and open communication at work leads to greater satisfaction, engagement and collaboration. The WorkingMind program comprises six to ten modules, spread over a period of several months. The target groups are managers, team leaders, project managers and employees at all levels. WorkingMind was developed in an Awaris research project which examined the integration of mindfulness into work and leadership in which over 30 companies throughout Europe took part.

TeamMind means successful team building and effective collaboration

Our TeamMind program helps teams anchor the habits of well-being, psychological safety and engaged collaboration in their work – whether virtual, live or hybrid. Not feeling connected, especially in online meetings, a heavy workload and a high frequency of e-mail communication impact stress and psychological safety. The TeamMind screening quickly helps teams identify habits that are strong and those they need to work on. Anchoring habits of performance and care in the team builds the basis for establishing a sustainable level of high performance.

SystemsMind means building systems intelligence to get stuff done

Our SystemsMind program helps us cultivate the skills we need to get stuff done in today’s highly complex systems: resilience, empathy, perception, and systems intelligence. SystemsMind can be designed flexibly: either in four to six face-to-face modules or via a mix of traditional and digital learning formats (blended learning).

ResilientMind means mindfulness, self-care and performance

The ResilientMind program focuses on embedding new habits to help us recover and flourish in the intensity of working life. This means learning new ways to see and behave in the midst of stress, and using the connection between body, mind and emotions to re-establish our balance. The result: the ability to care for ourselves and others more effectively. This is the basis for sustainable performance. ResilientMind comprises four to six modules – each on a specific aspect of resilience. We use a professional grade heart rate variability assessment and accompanying coaching to support this.

LeadersMind means true collaboration instead of control

The role of leaders has changed dramatically in the last ten years. Instead of control, the focus is on strengthening self-organization, goal-oriented collaboration and the empowerment of employees. An agile mindset and emotional resilience are prerequisites for adapting to the ever-changing environment. LeadersMind comprises four to ten modules supported by individual coaching. The modules include cultivating presence, resilience and collaborative leadership. Regulating stress, nurturing well-being, and anchoring purpose also play a central role in this program. The practices taught in LeadersMind can be applied directly in teams.