Virtual Offers

Mindfulness via app
and online coaching

More mindfulness and resilience for leaders and teams via app and online coaching: Awaris has numerous virtual offerings. 

BaseCamp: mindfulness
for all employees

The ongoing shift to digitization has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic – a challenge to many of us with disruptive changes in how we work and collaborate. Social isolation, remote work and an acceleration of electronic communication have heightened stress and anxiety for some, while collaboration has often suffered due to lack of connection and engagement. Many established boundaries have been shifted, and we need to learn to adapt our work, recovery and collaboration styles to the new reality. Our Basecamp program addresses this need and is suitable for all employees. It is a virtual course, supported by an app and peer-group-based learning, ideal for larger groups: In weekly live webinars, in peer group sessions and in polls we can share our experiences, receive impulses and learn new habits to be well and work well in the new normal.

Leadership in a hybrid reality

COVID-19 has challenged leaders to learn new habits and skills. This virtual program gives leaders space to reflect on their challenges, and cultivate an agile mindset.

In particular, it teaches them to support themselves and their team: building good habits for working in this environment and learning to find the right balance between efficiency and emotional safety in team building and leadership.
The program is a five-to-seven-week virtual course with app support and 90-minutes webinars, as well as peer group work.

Mindfulness coaching

Our ability to cultivate presence, focus, joy as well as compassion for ourselves and others is needed more than ever. In challenging times, many questions arise, including existential ones. Collaboration challenges and misunderstandings can drag out projects and have a negative impact on people and teams. Our coaching can support employees and leaders directly – with specific interventions for high stress leadership coaching or systemic coaching impacting the whole system the team or leader finds themselves in.

Performance and care
for virtual teams

Many teams have been working almost exclusively virtually since the Covid-19 crisis. Heightened stress, lack of recovery or lack of connection, and numerous synchronization and collaboration challenges can impact teams. All team members need to improve their capacity for self-efficiency and resilience and as a team collaborate in a new way. The program includes five building phases of functioning teams. These include wellbeing, attention and positivity habits, and emotional awareness and care at the team level.

Raindrops connected by spider's web in morning dew


Join our daily virtual practice sessions as a way of coming together, developing a sustainable routine and understanding directly how our mind works. Some of the themes we will deepen: mindfulness, awareness, body and emotions in practice, courage and compassion and resilience. Find out with us how you can use this as a new normal for your life.

ConnectedMinds: the mindful start, Monday through Friday

ConnectedMinds is for anyone who wants a refreshing, calm start to their day. The offer is free of charge. No previous experience is necessary to use it. All you need is a browser or the Zoom app, a camera, if possible, headphones, a quiet place, no distractions.

We encourage you to attend daily. However, you are just as welcome to pick dates. The Zoom window is open until five minutes after it begins.

  • Connected Minds in English: Monday to Friday, 7:30 – 8:00 am (GMT), 8:30 – 9:00 am (CET)
  • Connected Minds in German: Monday to Friday, 8:00 – 8:30 am (CET)

ConnectedMinds: Dates with selected topics

  • Befriending ourselves – Silvija Zagar
    06.03. – 31.03.2023
  • Sich mit sich selbst anfreunden (in German) – Magnus van de Kamp / Meike Ludwigs
    06.03. – 31.03.2023