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The New World Of Leadership: Mindfulness Training Helps Develop Leaders

The business and work environment are changing radically. This poses great challenges for managers. They have to make effective decisions, while facing information overload. They must develop strategies, in addition to running their terms. At Awaris, we develop leaders. And in doing so, ensure that collaboration succeeds and businesses flourish.

How do we develop leaders that can cope with modern workplace challenges? We help them maintain their own energy and presence. We build their mental, emotional, and collaborative skills, so they can run and work with teams effectively.

A high degree of awareness and self-regulation are basic requirements for modern leaders. Our programmes give leaders the adaptability needed for rapidly changing situations and the skills to master complex demands. We firmly believe mindfulness training helps develop leaders. It forms a key part of our leadership programmes, helping managers encounter themselves and others clearly, in the present.


Today’s leaders operate in an extremely fast-paced, complex world. A world characterised by information overload and massive pressures to innovate. What do managers need to do to meet these challenges with confidence? How should they deal with stress and recharge their batteries? How can they remain productive in turbulent times?

We at Awaris believe our LeadersMind leadership training programme has some of the answers. We offer leadership training which boosts leaders’ emotional presence and resilience, while helping them think in structured ways.

Performance & Care

The world is networked, complex, and fast-paced. Against this backdrop, “self-care” has never been more important for leaders and teams.

At Awaris, we know how crucial mental health and well-being are to the individual, as well as the wider organisation. Our “Performance and Care” leadership development course supports employee wellbeing. And in doing so, optimises business outcomes.

Climate Leadership

Sustainability In Business Is No Longer Just A Topic Of Discussion. It’s now a must for most organisations. Awaris’s Climate Leadership Programme helps drive change towards more business and environmental sustainability.

The impacts of climate change are growing. But simply changing and adapting technologies is not enough. Behavioural change is just as important for sustainability. Other obstacles include emotional resistance, distraction, inertia, and a lack of personal reflection on the change needed. To put sustainability into practice, employees also need a positive attitude towards meeting sustainability challenges. And this is where Awaris helps.

Leading with feeling and clarity is the prerequisite for successful transformation in the company.

Heike Baur-Wagner, Director Business Development

Heike Baur-Wagner,
Director Business Development, Awaris


Do you want to promote new ways of thinking and behaving for a human-centric sustainable transformation? To anchor both performance and care in your collaboration? Take advantage of our experience and knowledge.

We bring both a radical and caring approach to our engagement with your leaders and your teams.

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