Climate Leadership

Leading On Sustainability – With Awaris’s Climate Leadership Programme

Sustainability in business is no longer just a topic of discussion. It’s now a must for most organisations. Awaris’ Climate Leadership Programme helps drive change towards more business and environmental sustainability.

The impacts of climate change are growing. But simply changing and adapting technologies is not enough. Behavioural change is just as important for sustainability. Other obstacles include emotional resistance, distraction, inertia, and a lack of personal reflection on the change needed. To put sustainability into practice, employees also need a positive attitude towards meeting sustainability challenges. And this is where Awaris helps.

Our Climate Leadership programme enables employees to support the company’s sustainability strategy. We help change mindsets and inspire sustainable competencies. The foundation for the programme is mindfulness. This builds inner qualities such as compassion, capacity for action, and awareness of climate challenges. Ultimately, transforming businesses to more sustainable futures. Allowing them to view the world in a more sustainable way.

Climate Leadership Drives Sustainability

Awaris’s Climate Leadership programme creates a business mindset focused on climate change, and the behaviours and leadership needed to tackle it. It empowers leaders and decision-makers. It helps build a community of employees who are committed to driving the change needed for a more sustainable future.

The Goals Of The Climate Leadership Programme:

  • Building a community of corporate leaders who work together on sustainability strategies
  • Decision-makers learn to make courageous decisions, acting together
  • Leaders develop a new awareness of climate sustainability, thinking in systemic terms as well as a long-term perspective for the business
  • They design joint projects with other teams, impacting the overall sustainability strategy

The Structure Of The Climate Leadership Programme

  • Modular structure (6 modules online lasting 2.5 hours each)
  • Combination of guided courses (live or virtual) and self-directed digital learning
  • Extensive social learning platform with tasks and homework assignments
  • Uses the Awaris app for guided practices
  • Guided nature walks
  • Action Lab format upon completion to set up targeted sustainability projects
  • Pre- and post-assessment evaluations

The Methods Of Climate Leadership

  • Modular structure with scientific findings, exercises, and discussions to anchor what’s been learned
  • The latest findings from climate science, social science, and sustainable change
  • Deep transformative mindfulness, compassion, and nature-based practices – adapted to the context of leaders in organisations
  • Understanding habit formation and the science of transformation
  • Overview of the most important climate change facts and figures
  • Action Lab projects and supervision
  • Comprehensive micro-practices and learning outcomes delivered via the app. Individual pre- and post-evaluations on Climate Leadership, including on “The confidence to make a difference” and “The ability to influence others”

Significant Changes Through Climate Leadership*

0 %

Improvement of the belief in personal influence

0 %

More environmentally friendly measures

0 %

More confidence that people can change their environmental behaviour

0 %

Reduced feelings of helplessness and uncertainty

Zitat eines Kunden oder einer Kundin über die hohe Zufriedenheit und von dem eine Case Study existiert

Liane  Stephan,
Co-Geschäftsführerin und Gründerin awaris


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We bring both a radical and caring approach to our engagement with your leaders and your teams.

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