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Today’s leaders operate in an extremely fast-paced, complex world. A world characterised by information overload and massive pressures to innovate. What do managers need to do to meet these challenges with confidence? How should they deal with stress and recharge their batteries? How can they remain productive in turbulent times?

We at Awaris believe our LeadersMind leadership training programme has some of the answers. We offer leadership training which boosts leaders’ emotional presence and resilience, while helping them think in structured ways.

Modern Leadership Training

The LeadersMind programme doesn’t merely focus on theory. It’s actionable. Our leadership training brings about a more holistic transformation of manager mindsets. It gives them brand new inner and outer skills, to be the best leaders they can be.

The Benefits Of Leadership Training

LeadersMind focuses on key areas of modern leadership development:

  • Promoting the ability to de-stress and recharge. Strengthening presence, resilience, and emotional intelligence.
  • Intensive contact with teams. Anchoring habits in teamwork.
  • Strengthening conscious decision-making and the ability to learn

Leadersmind Includes:

  • Modular structure (4-6 modules)
  • Combination of guided courses (live or virtual) and self-directed digital learning
  • Peer group work with intervention sessions
  • Individual coaching

Our Leadership Development Programmes Focus On:

  • Modular structure based on neuroscientific findings. Exercises and discussions to anchor what’s been learned
  • Individual coaching to support new habits in the leadership role
  • Directly implementable micro-practices and learning outcomes through an app
  • Mindfulness-based practices and the latest insights from neuroscience, social science, and new leadership approaches
  • Learning groups for reflection and ongoing support
  • Individual pre- and post-evaluations, including on “stress perception”, “mental health”, and “self-efficacy”
  • Support for self-directed learning through the Awaris app and the social learning platform

Participants’ Experience Of Leadersmind Leadership Training*:

0 %

Improvement in stress resilience

0 %

Improvement of social relations and well-being

0 %

Rise in mental agility

0 %

Increase in sustained concentration

*Based on 21 companies, 84 training programmes, and more than 800 participants. All assessments are statistically significant, using rigorous pre- and post-assessments at the individual level using validated measurement scales.

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Co-Geschäftsführerin und Gründerin awaris


Do you want to promote new ways of thinking and behaving for a human-centric sustainable transformation? To anchor both performance and care in your collaboration? Take advantage of our experience and knowledge.

We bring both a radical and caring approach to our engagement with your leaders and your teams.

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