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The World Needs More Mindful, Compassionate, And Resilient Organisations

Most large organisations have employees all over the world. Against this backdrop, it can be challenging for businesses to implement a new culture, develop a common language, and have a unified mindset.

Our highly scalable Blended Learning programmes are here to help. We bring people together across large organisations. To learn, share, and develop together. Our scalable programmes create the shared spaces needed for businesses to develop coherent cultures. And ultimately, to thrive.

Whether it’s organisational development, resilience, or building internal competence in the area of mindfulness. Awaris offers tailor-made solutions for the successful organisational development of your business.

Mindfulness Champions Train the Trainer

Recent research has shown that mindfulness is the most effective workplace intervention to regulate stress and improve staff mental well-being.
More companies want to make mindfulness in the workplace accessible to the entire workforce. Many find that they have a pool of motivated mindfulness practitioners, who are willing to become mindfulness coaches.

Resilience Journey

Resilience is fundamental in today’s uncertain world. It’s a crucial challenge for all people and parts of an organisation.
Awaris runs organisation-wide resilience training. We teach resilience concepts to hundreds of employees at a time. Our modular resilience training programme strengthens the resilience of employees. And in doing so, creates more sustainable and successful businesses.

Performance & Care

The world is networked, complex, and fast-paced. Against this backdrop, “self-care” has never been more important for leaders and teams.
At Awaris, we know how crucial mental health and well-being are to the individual, as well as the wider organisation. Our “Performance and Care” leadership development course supports employee wellbeing. And in doing so, optimises business outcomes.

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