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A Mindful Culture – Embedding Mindfulness In The Workplace

Recent research has shown that mindfulness is the most effective workplace intervention to regulate stress and improve staff mental well-being.

More companies want to make mindfulness in the workplace accessible to the entire workforce. Many find that they have a pool of motivated mindfulness practitioners, who are willing to become mindfulness coaches.

Whether they’re leaders, trainers, or staff, they want to help others. To enable colleagues to benefit from mindfulness training.

Awaris’s Mindfulness Champions training teaches employees to be mindfulness facilitators. It trains mindfulness facilitators with competence in three crucial areas of working life:

  • Mastering mindfulness and related multifaceted methods
  • Basic introduction to neurophysiology and social neuroscience
  • Learning mindfulness interventions and tools for mindfulness training in the workplace

The Goals Of Mindfulness Champions:

The Mindfulness Champions programme brings together future mindfulness facilitators in groups. They practice together, deepening their understanding of the neuroscientific evidence for mindfulness.

The programme has three objectives:

  • Building a community of mindfulness facilitators within the organisation
  • Building internal competence to offer mindfulness sessions on site
  • Enabling staff to incorporate mindfulness practices into their work routines, led by the newly trained mindfulness coach

The Structure Of Mindfulness Champions:

This group training includes:

  • Modular programme in 4-6 modules
  • A combination of instructor-led courses (live or virtual) and self-directed digital learning
  • Practice instructions for mindfulness coaching in groups as well as small units, including on how to give feedback
  • Cognitive exercises
  • Extensive use of learning platform and social learning
  • Awaris App used to support personal and group practices

The Methods Of Mindfulness Champions:

The Mindfulness Champions programme creates mindfulness coaches and includes the following:

  • Deepening understanding of the mechanisms of mindfulness and a variety of mindfulness practices
  • Modular structure with a focus on specific aspects of mindfulness, as well as the impact on work processes and diverse methods that can be integrated immediately
  • Recent findings from neuroscience, social science, and leadership methods
  • Extensive practice and feedback sessions for the participants
  • Learning groups and intervention groups – for feedback, reflection, and continuous support of practice and theory

Support for self-directed learning through the Awaris app and an extensive online library. Self-study is an essential component of our unique concept for promoting learning success.

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