Foster and demand clarity and full accountability.

Achieve ambitious targets with highest possible collective performance.

Radical Coefficiency encompasses ultimate efficiency while implementing at maximal innovation force. That way, cooperation and efficiency in fact go hand in hand. Only through diverse groups can we achieve efficiency in dynamic and complex environments, in which self-aware personalities organize themselves within a frame of highest possible autonomy while following agile principals to put ongoing focus on maximal value creation.

These fully empowered teams are asked to create their own thinking spaces that allow for creativity and collective intelligence to emerge. It requires radical awareness of various inner and outer distractions that people in organizations nowadays have to deal with on a daily basis and that cause a significant degree of fragmentations. To reduce them, and thus raise the efficiency, takes high amounts of alertness and attention regulation which in turn leads to a clear mind ready to make decisions. Grounding in this clear state of mind, we define precise roles and determine desirable performances − deviations become measurable and traceable/transparent, thus reconciling co-creation and efficiency.

Coefficiency needs human beings that take on responsibility and derive intrinsic motivation from leading; that challenge themselves and others without being overwhelmed; that confidently take the lead when the situation demands it while simultaneously trusting in the leadership qualities of others; that autonomously make decisions while acting in concert with their crew. Balancing these areas of tension is paramount for individuals and groups for the overall success of Coefficiency.

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