Focus on the greater good.

Know your why, explore it with unconditional curiosity and embody it in all actions.

Purpositivity is radically tied to cultivating joy and inspiration within your organisation. Most organisation do have a deep purpose – it is often forgotten or too covered up with a focus on the negative and the problems of organisational life. When joy and inspiration are present, employees experience a sense of meaning and connection. They then actually can realize reality with its immanent resources. Once joy and Inspiration are present while we do our work, without losing track of the big picture, engagement is the logical consequence. Being of use to others give us a sense of meaning and purpose – and we ourselves feel our Intrinsic value – which in turn strengthens motivation.

In todays` VUCA world, the half-time of concrete strategic goals is rapidly declining. Purpose − being clear on the why behind your actions − helps us orient according to the stars and not just the currents. It requires a sharpened perception that immediately lights up whenever we move away from purpose. Even if strategic goals change − the “why” can radically determine the direction of our attitude and actions.

We can also establish clear values and guiding principles to create safe ground for common action. Having set a frame and direction enables employees to think about the future in a focussed and free manner, while acting autonomously. One step at a time, they prototypically add value contributions for the larger whole. In the process, people find orientation by simply prioritizing tasks that seem to endlessly pile up on the before agreed on purpose; drifting off into overload and overwhelm is tackled head-on. When confusion is near, we simply come back to the tasks that contribute most to our overall defined purpose. The collective success of the organization continually arises from the commitment and dedication for humankind and the world.

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