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Business Case IKEA

The idea of integrating the topic of mindfulness into IKEA Switzerland’s corporate training program came up in autumn 2017. In 2018 the project was started with a pilot for the managers of the furniture store in Zurich. The project was so successful that it was not only the starting signal for further initiatives but also received an award for innovative HR projects in Switzerland.

The next step was to develop and facilitate an open 1.5 day-program for the managers and executives of IKEA Switzerland. This was followed by an internal marketing campaign to promote the rollout of the program, the specially developed Mindfulness App, as well as the opportunity to participate in a live Mindfulness training to the entire workforce (3,200 employees). In an internal 2-day train-the-trainer program, 15 in-house trainers were trained to carry out the training. These initiatives continue to be implemented up to this day. Due to the Mindfulness training, self-organized meditation circles emerged among IKEA employees, and at the HQ Switzerland regular “Mindful lunches” are happening.

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“The aim was to integrate the topic into our day-to-day business for a start as a pilot test. Internal surveys have also shown that the demands made on our employees have increased. I was particularly concerned about the question to what extend mindfulness could find a place in the hectic everyday life of a retail company like IKEA.“
– Claudia Hole, Future of Work Project Leader, IKEA AG Switzerland

Business Case HILTI

Hilti embodies a caring and performance oriented culture – something that may sound like a dichotomy to many. The annual employee survey as well as the network of 70 Sherpas, which are internal trainers and coaches, are providing feedback about the current corporate culture to the management regularly.

Based on feedback in the annual employee engagement survey 2017, the company decided to dedicate the next phase of this culture journey to address the challenge of managing workload and how to build resilience by creating awareness about the stressors arising in the workplace as well as in individuals’ private lifes.

The theme of this two-day program, that is rolled out to all 30,000 team members worldwide, was the inseparability of performance and care; it emphasizes that collective intelligence and high performance arise naturally when people take care of themselves and each other and foster a culture of collaboration. Mindfulness practice was a core component of this program. Teams reflect on how they could anchor mindfulness and positive habits in their teamwork to support each other.

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“Top! A true partnership. Awaris has a tremendous knowledge and experience and is willing to share it with us. They are flexible to adapt to our needs to make the message a relevant topic for 30,000 people worldwide. We challenged them and they challenged us and together we worked out a successful result – a pleasure.” 
Eivind Slaaen, Head of People and Culture Development at Hilti