WorkingMIND Study

Fully minded – The Potential of Mindfulness in Financial Services

By Dr. Silke Rupprecht and Chris Tamdjidi (Awaris GmbH)


The financial services industry has been under pressure to transform its culture and conduct for some time. Mindfulness could support financial services employees by shifting the relationship to stress and change and improving wellbeing and resilience.

About this study:

  • Over 400 financial services employees in Germany and the UK took part in the WorkingMIND training, a ten-week workplace mindfulness training.
  • We found that the WorkingMIND training improved the wellbeing, resilience and agility of financial services employees significantly.
  • In addition, the results of the objective attention network test showed a significant training impact on the ability to sustain focus and become aware of automatic reactions (executive functioning).
  • Based on the qualitative feedback, the financial services employees additionally attributed a number of positive changes in their professional and personal lives to the participation in this training.


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