Matthias Nitsche
Mattias Nitsche

Mattias Nitsche

Facilitator and Coach
Matthias focuses his work on the development and implementation of corporate programs with a focus on mindfulness/resilience/agility/leadership. He also holds workshops and trainings on these topics, accompanies Insights’s MDI-based team development and conducts individual coaching sessions.

Why am I working for Awaris?

Awaris tries everything it recommends to its customers on the inside. In other words, there is an honest effort to become a “mindful organisation” itself. A deeply appreciative and professional cooperation.

Matthias joined the Awaris team in 2008.

  • Diploma for Adult Education / Counselling (University of Cologne)
  • Continuing training systemic consulting (Neues Lernen Cologne)
  • Training as a systemic coach (Systeamotion)
  • Insights MDI Master Coach (Scheelen Institute)
  • Firstbeat Lifestyle-Coach
  • Training as an initiative process supervisor / vision search leader (i.A. Eschwege Institute)
  • Training as a yoga and meditation teacher (University of Cologne)
  • Trainer for mindfulness in organisations (Kalapa Academy)
  • Mindfulness training with executives and employees (500+)
    Individual and team coaching (with and without Insights MDI)
  • Development of client-specific programs
  • Blended learning expert
  • Council in a corporate context
  • App-Architecture
  • German
  • English
“My inner purpose: Life means continuous change and adaptation. Opposing this change is as human as it is impossible. Supporting people and organisations to live through their transformation processes in confidence fills me with joy and gratitude.”

My passion

Carpenting, dancing, spending time in nature, fishing