Rachel Lilley
Rachel Lilley

Rachel Lilley

Facilitator and Coach
Rachels main emphasis: Mindfulness, behavioural economics, policy capability, Public sector improvement, government, politics, climate change, social change.

Why am I working for Awaris?

I value being part of an inspiring community that are interested in exploring ways to offer mindfulness that also addresses complexity, systems and dealing with some of the significant challenges of our time.

Rachel joined the Awaris team in 2016.

  • PhD Mindfulness, behavioural economics, decision making, public sector working
  • Trained as a mindfulness teacher, Bangor University
  • Trained as a yoga teacher British Wheel of Yoga
  • 20 years Meditation practice
  • Trained as an ILM workplace coach
  • Trained fitness instructor
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education and experienced trainer
  • Pioneered mindfulness, behaviour change and decision making in policy and change making settings
  • Expertise in working with capacities of cognition, perception, emotion and relating
  • English
“My inner purpose: To support and facilitate social and environmental change. To support systems change to address well being issues at source.”

My passion

Road cycling, fitness, learning, working with people, spending time with family