Sonja Noss
Sonja Noss

Sonja Noss

Facilitator and Coach, Projectmanager Inner Green Deal
Sonja is a Facilitator and Coach, determined to bring out the best in her clients. At Awaris, her work focuses on the implementation of the Inner Green Deal Initiative and on facilitating Mindfulness – particularly in highly technical high-performance environments. She is especially interested in topics related to stress and resilience, as well as body-mind interventions.

Why am I working for Awaris?

Everyone I have met at Awaris embodies what they teach – with passion. This includes trust, leadership, kindness, emotional intelligence and appreciation. A living testimony to the fact that working and living in a “different” way are not only possible, but successful and enjoyable.

Sonja is part of the Awaris team since 2020.

  • University degree in Education. Saarland University.
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Certificate. ZAS Stuttgart.
  • Systemic Coach, Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS). Heidelberg School of Education.
  • Career Coach. Advanced Training. Institut für Systemische Beratung (Institute for Systemic Consulting). Germany.
  • Trainer for the “Finding Peace in a Frantic World” Programme. Oxford Mindfulness Centre. Oxford University.
  • Advanced Teacher Training: Teaching Mindfulness in the Workplace. Oxford Mindfulness Centre. Oxford University. (ongoing)
  • Trainer for Mindfulness in Organisations. Awaris GmbH. (ongoing)
  • Optimal Hypnosystemic Life-Balance & Burnout Prevention. Milton Erickson Institute, Heidelberg.
  • Yoga Teacher. Certificate. Anusara Tradition. ParApara Yoga Academy Berlin.
  • 15 years’ experience working in the scientific community (Research Management)
  • Design and implementation of a Mindfulness initiative at a large international organisation (2016). EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
  • Self-employed as a Mindfulness Facilitator and Coach since 2018
  • Special interest in working in scientific and technical high-performance environments (15+ generations of programs run)
  • International background and fluent in four languages
  • Swimming as a high-performance athlete between 1990 and 1997 in Germany and Canada
  • Interested in contemplative studies since 2006
  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Basic Italian and Catalan.
“My inner purpose: Realising over the past two decades that a skillful way of dealing with pain and difficulty is learnable, my purpose is to support others in living brighter, lighter and more authentic lives which are fully in line with their talents and true drivers – both in the workplace and outside. That. And kindness.”

My passion

The beauty of this planet, moving in nature / hiking, photography, languages, traveling and exploring countries and cultures, making others laugh, good food, fluffy animals