Wibo Koole
Wibo Koole

Wibo Koole

Director Awaris NL, Facilitator and Coach
Wibo is Director and Co-Founder of the Dutch Centrum voor Mindfulness and Director of Awaris NL. His focus is on developing mindfulness as a set of practices, knowledge and insights to create a happy, just and sustainable life and society. And on the leadership and transformational strategies needed for that.

Why am I working for Awaris?

Because we share the conviction that inner change is the one most effective transformational tool for the future of humanity.

Wibo is part of the Awaris team since 2020, when the Centrum voor Mindfulness and Awaris decided to work together on the Dutch market for mindfulness in organizations.

  • Master (with Honors) in Political Science
  • Advanced Management Program at the Wharton Business School (UPENN, Philadelphia, USA)
  • Mindfulness (MBSR) and Compassion (MSC, MBCL) Teacher
  • Senior Practitioner Theory U at Presencing Institute
  • Meditation Teacher at Bodhi College (early Buddhism)
  • Management and Transformation Consultant
  • Organizational and Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Mindful Leadership (book author)
  • Dutch
  • English
“My inner purpose: Supporting people and organizations in developing vision and practices for a happy, just and sustainable future.”

My passion

Running, mountain hiking, philosophy of consciousness