Minding COVID:
Zooming in on our essential nature
Awaris Impulses

Virtual work works.

We have developed a series of pieces which we will use to zoom in on different aspects of working in the post COVID world and look both at the inner and outer experience – and see how our inner state or our mind-body practices can deeply influence how we settle into this world.

In the course of the past weeks and months a lot of things have changed. During these weeks we have been working with leadership teams literally all over the world – from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Karachi, Dubai, Warsaw, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, London, Brussels, Glasgow to Chicago – supporting them in this transition time. We learnt a lot from them – and helped them support each other in the process.

From the experiences and learnings during these intense times we have developed the weekly impulses.

In terms of the directly observable aspect of working virtually, there is a simple summary: Virtual work works. However, this high-level summary masks many enormous differences and subtleties in experience – which are affecting both the wellbeing and performance of many.

We look forward to hearing from you.

“How can an organisation ensure that its collective intelligence is greater than the sum of its parts?”