Virtual Home Retreats
“In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.“​ – Albert Camus
Retreat time is a time to deepen our mindfulness practice.
In our daily life we can apply our mindfulness – but deepening our understanding or the level of our practice usually requires a more intensive approach.
These half day virtual home retreat sessions will help you deepen your practice, regulate emotions and cultivate resilience. They are also a chance to connect with others and build small communities of practice, if you wish.​

The virtual retreats are held via the web conferencing platform ”Zoom”, with which participants can meet online with video and audio.

We will practice intensively in the 3-hours sessions.
They build on each other, but the sessions can also be booked individually. ​We will deal with different topics, learn and deepen various practices.

Save the dates in 2021:

​13th February /Meike Ludwigs
13th March /Liane Stephan
10th April /Sophie Maclaren
15th May /Meike Ludwigs
12th June /Barbara Riedenbauer
10th July /Liane Stephan
11th September /Sophie Maclaren
9th October /Liane Stephan
13th November /Meike Ludwigs
11th December /Sophie Maclaren

4.00 pm to 7.00 pm (GMT / BST – London…)
5.00 pm to 8.00 pm (CET / CEST – Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Rome…)​




  • 1 session: 45 EUR per person (plus VAT) (ca. 42 GBP)
  • 3 sessions: 120 EUR per person (plus VAT) (ca. 110 GBP)
  • All 2021 sessions: 350 EURper person (plus VAT) (ca. 320 GBP)
  • If you are sitting with others together, we would appreciate if every participant in the room pays for the retreat. Thank you.​


Liane Stephan, Meike Ludwigs​, Sophie Maclaren, Barbara Riedenbauer More


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A retreat is a time for practice and contemplation. ​

It is a chance to make contact with silence, a sense of depth, and in stillness gain a perspective on the activity of life.  Retreat time is by its nature a contrasts – which provides perspective on who we are and what we do.  ​

All Awaris Retreats

A retreat is very structured, so you can focus on practicing, learning and contemplating. You begin to listen to your deepest self and reconnect with your source of creativity and freshness.​

Three hours of virtual retreat is a great opportunity to establish something in your personal life which might not be so easy to do live at the moment in our Covid19 era.  Refresh yourself and be curious about how a retreat at home feels!​

You may want to do the home retreat with your partner, a friend or a neighbour.​

This could be a nice experience to share. If so, make sure you as a group commit to the practice and to being in silence during the retreat. This way you might start to build your own community that can be supportive in these times.​

We are so much looking forward to meet you there!​

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!​