By Liane Stephan, Dr. Silke Rupprecht und Chris Tamdjidi (Awaris GmbH)


Many of the ways leaders are employing to affect individual and collective habit shifts do not lead to the desired results. Yet, changing habits will be one of the key capabilities of individuals, leaders and organisations in the coming years. Establishing mindfulness exercises and using mind training will help build the skills to change effectively – and will aid with becoming more realistic about what habit change entails.

To change behaviour and cultivate new habits, it is helpful to

  • become aware of mental habits and behaviours and the triggers that set them off

  • reflect on routines and what would motivate us to change

  • strengthen the willpower and the ability to become aware of unconscious processes

  • connect with others and share our experience

  • practice and gain experience in regulating attention and emotions leading to a shift in mental states and eventually mental traits


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