The Awaris App – Supporting habit shifts 
Shifts in habits of mind and behaviours need a period of continuous practice in which new routines can be established.

The Awaris app and web application support participants in developing a regular mindfulness practice for sustainable and self-guided change.
The app seamlessly integrates into our courses or customized content and reflects the course structure. Organised in chapters, participants access engaging learning content, micro practices, and mindfulness exercises – and can monitor their progress.

Metrics of the Awaris App


of course participants used the app


of those found that it supported their course experience


practiced very regularly with the app

What are key benefits of the Awaris App?

1. Engaging practices

Regular practice is key for sustainable habit change. Engaging practices such as a sophisticated meditation timer and a breathing guide that corresponds to optimal heart rate variability helps to balance body and mind whenever and wherever you like.
2. Workplace focus

Situation-based content and micro-practices that are relevant for the work settings, for example to regain focus when multitasking or to reduce tension before a meeting.
3. Meeting company needs

The app can be integrated in your company’s corporate design and is offered in multiple languages, currently in English, German and French. It is GDPR conform and never collects emails or names providing full anonymity to participants.
“I appreciate the app a lot. It helps getting into a regular mindfulness practice and allows me to access course materials. And it remindes me in a decent way to keep on track.”

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At the core of the ability to adapt to new situations lies the ability to change behaviour. Once a neglected topic in organisations, behaviour regulation will become more important as we settle into the “new normal”.