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Our Services – Certification Programmes

Learn and become accomplished in initiating transformation in individuals and groups through a combination of mindfulness, systems thinking and a deep understanding of neuroscience.

Mindfulness based Systemic Coaching (MbSC)

A certification in systemic coaching with mindfulness and neuroscience in the core. We offer this annually and it extends over 14 months with 9 modules. We also offer inhouse versions of this, based on the needs of the organisations, including “Leader as Coach” programs.


Trainer for Mindfulness in Organisations (TfMO)

A certification program to become a trainer for mindfulness in organisations. We offer this annually and it stretches over 14 modules and 22 months. With a large number of global clients we offer internal “Mindfulness Champions” programs, and have assisted companies with the rollout of mindfulness to more than 30,000 people.


Get in touch with us if you are interested in our certification programmes – both possible for individuals as well for organisations.

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