Cultivating our mindfulness,
present moment awareness and authenticity

Certification Programme
Mindfulness based systemic Coaching

This training is designed to equip trainers, consultants, leaders and HR professionals with the handwork of systemic coaching deeply rooted in mindfulness.

A systemic approach to coaching is deeply anchored in many coaching traditions. Mindfulness and neuroscience offer interesting new perspectives on this, and the aim of this training is not just understanding systemic tools and learning to think systemically, but above all how to be and manifest with systems understanding in body and mind. Mindfulness offers the perfect transformative process to tune into systems thinking and working.

Mindfulness based systemic Coach (MbsC)


HR managers and trainers, managers and executives, coaches and consultants that want to strengthen their coaching skills and work as a systemic coach

Basics of the approach

Systems theory, coupled with a personal process of transformation and development for the basis of this training to be a systemic coach. Systems theory looks at the interdependencies within a context, and how these interdependencies impact goals, values, results, relationships. We never act in isolation – we are always embedded in a system. Understanding this personally, and learning about the field of systems theory (from neuroscience, biology and social science) helps us sharpen our perception of these patterns. At the same time, cultivating our mindfulness, present moment awareness and authenticity strengthens us as coaches and leaders – helping us to bring body speech and mind in synchronization. Through this we cultivate authentic presence.

Overview of the training
  • Duration 15 months, 24 seminar days, 4 coaching days, 12.5 hours webinars, and e-learning, 40 hours self directed learning and intervision groups, 2 individual coachings
  • The training is accompanied by a assessment based on neurophysiological tests
  • Location: near Cologne
  • 10 to 20 participants
  • MbSC=Mindfulness based systemic coaching
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“We work with the assumption that clients already have the solution to their problem with them, and help this potential to unfold.”