Training mindfulness
in the workplace
Certification Programme
Trainer for Mindfulness in Organisations

Mindfulness has become increasingly well established as beneficial and transformative form of training and development for leaders and organizations.
There are many experienced trainers who would like to integrate mindfulness methods in their work, and HR personnel are looking to see how mindfulness interventions can be integrated into their professional work.

Trainer for Mindfulness in Organisations (TfMO)

This professional training is designed to provide a competence in three core areas, necessary for applying mindfulness practices in working life:
  • Deep understanding of mindfulness and associated methods

  • Current and up to date understanding of neurophysiology and in particular social neuroscience

  • Skill in training methods, workshop design and intervention design.

This training runs for a period of 24 months and includes 7 seminars, 2 retreats, intervision (peer) groups, supervised project work as well as 4 webinars.
Participants in this training must practice mindfulness daily as part of this training, to ensure familiarity with the methods.

Leaders, trainers, consultants, coaches, HR managers who want to integrate mindfulness into their working world and context.

Contents of the training

Direct experience and experiential learning is combined with knowledge and didactic processes, so that the potential trainers learn core skills for working with others in a training setting. The contents of the training are comprised of four related fields:

  1. Mindfulness methods
  2. Neurophysiology
  3. Integrating mindfulness in working life
  4. Trainer competences
Overview of the training
  • Duration 24 months
  • Location: near Cologne
  • Total of 28 days
  • Certificate: Mindfulness practitioner for organisations

Research articles and books will be part of the curriculum. Participants have to commit to a regular practice of mindfulness during the training. Each participant also receives individual mindfulness coachings. This training has been offered annually since 2015 – we are in the fifth cycle.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in our certification programmes – both possible for individuals as well for organisations.

“The success of an intervention depends on the inner state of the intervener.”
– Bill O‘ Brien CEO Hanover Insurance