Outer change
needs inner work
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In times of radical change, leaders need to master the inner game in order to be adaptive and skilful in their actions with others. They have to lead with clarity and compassion, foster new ways of collaboration, and build flourishing ecosystems.

We have developed a number of leadership development trainings and journeys with partner clients – deeply rooted in mindfulness, neuroscience and systems thinking.

Systemic transformational work

Complex systems give rise to emergent phenomena which are more than the sum of the parts. Working with this requires a different mindset – and a different set of skills. We are deeply anchored in systems thinking and systems skills – and bring this into our coaching, our leadership development and especially into our work with organisational and culture development.

We deeply believe that cultures of learning will be the most important and defensible competitive advantages in the coming years – and care deeply about developing these.

New work radicalism

Our approach to New Work is radical (from the Latin radix, the root) insofar as we work to transform the core of what keeps us stuck in old ways, and really build a lasting change of mindset, interaction and behaviour in complex systems.

In adapting to change, the collective wisdom and engagement of all members of the organization is needed. Making space and giving equal attention to cognition, emotion and embodiment is essential. This kind of mindfulness, awareness and emotional resilience builds “the root” of an agile corporate culture. We have co-developed this approach with our partner Anthrosys. Read more!

Inner climate change for outer transformation

A leadership journey that involves a profound change in leadership habits to think outside the box in order to, recognize and transform the influence of the individual on group, on organization and the surrounding ecosystem and vice versa.

Become a change maker and think beyond the organization: by taking on responsibility for societal and environmental change as well as economical transformation. Read more about the Inner Green Deal Initiative

Co-Creation is our approach to working with you.
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“Is it possible for something new to grow without something else dying? Which mindsets or habits in your organisation have to make way for something new?”