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Cultivating habits of attention, perception, resilience and communication in working life to improve happiness, engagement and collaboration.

Inhouse group program with 6-10 modules for executives, team leaders, project managers and staff on anchoring habits of mindfulness in our modern working life. Also provided in blended learning formats. The design of this training is based on our joint research project that we completed in 2014-2016 together with over 30 participating companies and two University partners.


Anchoring habits of emotional safety and mindfulness in our team work to improve effective collaboration and collective problem solving.

4 to 6 Modules covering both individual and team resilience. Key take aways are a) Anchoring habits of care and positivity in the team, b) Joint problem solving exercises and c) Reduction in stress, improvement and in care and collective intelligence.


The missing link in systems engineering. How to cultivate the necessary empathy, perception and resilience to actually work with complex systems.

This programme can be delivered in a variety of formats – either 4-6 modules or in a combination of live sessions and video supported peer group sessions. Key take aways are a) Understanding how systems function and how to cultivate systems intelligence, and b) Learning new habits for working in complex systems c) Reduction in stress and improvement in systems intelligence.


Learning to regulate body and mind and anchor habits of resilience in our working life. Understanding that performance and care are truly inseparable and must be optimised together.

4 to 6 Modules – each focused on a specific aspect of resilience. Key take aways are a) Individual HRV Assessment and coaching and b) Significant improvement in emotional, mental and physical resilience.


Learning to shift our own mindset – again and again – and empower rather than control in today’s agile world.

LeadersMind consists of 4-10 modules supported by coaching: cultivating presence, resilience and collaborative leadership style, reduction in stress, clear tools and practices that leaders can directly try with their teams.

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“How long can we avoid building the real emotional safety of a team? Will we be able to work together with collective intelligence to solve complex problems if we don’t?”