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Being well and working well in a virtual world. The current pandemic is having a strong impact on our life and work routines. This program helps all working in this new manner to cultivate good personal habits of being well and working well in a virtual environment – and even give the experience a sense of purpose and meaning.

The program covers 4 weeks. Each day of the program has exercises, reflections or advice in a number of streams. Over the course of the 4 weeks, there are 12 modules per stream. More

Leadership Presence in a world w/o Presence

The current times are challenging for leaders. Many leaders are finding that their usual work and leadership habits are either dissolving, or simply not sufficient to lead in this time of heightened uncertainty and lack of presence. This virtual program helps orient leaders in this time – how to take care of themselves, the emotional safety of their team while still keeping a focus on working effectively.

The program covers 7 weeks. Each day of the program has exercises, reflections or advice in a number of streams. Over the course of the 7 weeks there are 12-15 exercises or reflections per stream. More


Our ability, to cultivate presence, focus and joy at work, is more than ever essential in these fragile times which produce a lot of question marks. Also, misunderstandings can prolong projects and have effects on the teams and the company.

For immediate support of your leaders and team members we offer online coachings: Leadership-Coaching, Team-Coaching, Relief-Coaching.

Performance and Care for Virtual Teams

The sudden shift to virtual work poses many challenges for teams. A recurring problem for all teams – whether experienced in working virtually or not – is sufficient attention to the HOW of teamwork – the basic cultural fabric of how we interact beyond the simple necessities of getting stuff done.This HOW deeply affects the collective intelligence and engagement of teams – and needs to be cultivated with particular attention at this time of heightened uncertainty and changeability. Finally, all team members will face new personal challenges – from loneliness, boredom or lack of relaxation and recreation, and all have to improve their skills in self-management and self-care.

The program covers 5 successive stages of rebuilding a functioning team – from re-establishing the basic efficacy of the team to building habits of attention and positivity and supporting people emotionally in distributed locations. More


Meditate with us!
Starting February 1, 2021

Join our DAILY meditation practice to strengthen your resilience: Deepening mindfulness and awareness during the COVID period.

  • Daily meditation – March 1 to April 2 – Monday to Friday
    8.30 – 9.00 am (CET) / 7.30 – 8.00 am (GMT)
    Click the link below to join this Zoom meeting:
  • Porchtime for Q&A – every Friday afternoon – 5.30 – 6.30 pm (CET) / 4.30 – 5.30 pm (GMT)
    Click the link below to join this Zoom meeting:
  • With Sophie Maclaren
  • Language: English
  • Free of charge
  • Needed: Internet, Zoom app or web browser, loudspeaker / microphone, camera (optional), calm space, no distractions
  • Welcome: For all who want to have a refreshing start to their working day. No previous experience necessary
  • Regularity: We encourage you to attend daily, but you are also welcome to join whenever it feels right. The zoom link will be active for a five minute window until the start time.

Cultivate Resilience

The first months of 2021 are still challenging for many – and as the restrictions continue or even intensify, it is important to have ways to strengthen our vitality and recovery. This monthlong spring will focus on practices of resilience:

  • Understanding which practices can build resilience even in challenging times
  • Anchoring a daily practice of resilience into our personal and working lives

In order to do this the sprint will contain a few elements

  • Daily insights on resilience
  • A four week structured training in establishing resilience practices (including mindfulness, reflection exercises, scheduling and perception exercise, workplace tools etc) in our lives
  • A chance to connect to others who are also working on this

Compassion and courage

Not only due to Covid but also due to the new digital working methods, the fragmentation and speed of our work reality, we quickly lose contact with ourselves and others. Being kind to yourself is a foundation for cultivating compassion for others. Compassion means empathizing with others and supporting them in such a way that they can better cope with their pain and challenges. This leads to great joy in ourselves.

In this 4 week long structured sprint we will deal intensively with compassion practice, practice it together and observe how this changes the relationship with ourselves, with others and our everyday life.

As you practice on a daily basis, you will develop a routine for compassionate practice – a skill that seems to become increasingly important in this virtual and changing world.

Deepening mindfulness and awareness during challenging times

Make mindfulness the new normal!
When mindfulness becomes a part of our daily routine, the benefits show up throughout our day – we feel more balanced, focussed, connected, and cheerful. However, this is not always easy –there are many reasons why we don’t manage to setup a regular routine.

In this series we will practice together daily establishing a sustainable routine, and learning about how our minds function. In particular we will look at aspects of mind such as mindfulness, awareness, introspective and interoceptive awareness – and how to cultivate these as the new normal for our life. We will look at the typical pitfalls of why we struggle with our practice and how to overcome.

The series will include daily practices for cultivating grounded awareness – something that seems ever more important in this virtual and changing time. Every Friday you can join our open Porchtime for questions you might have.

We look forward to this journey and practice time together.

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“How long can we avoid building the real emotional safety of a team? Will we be able to work together with collective intelligence to solve complex problems if we don’t?”