Awaris Team

Anne- Valérie Giannoli


Mindfulness, transformation and individual and collective resilience

Why am I working for Awaris?
With the international team of Awaris, I found a precious synthesis between a very professional and innovative approach, supported by solid research and constant questioning, and a human, benevolent, committed quality of presence at the service of a lasting positive transformation.

Anne- Valérie Giannoli,


  • Business management : HEC Paris
  • Mindfulness: MBSR and other MBI Instructor (University of Massachusetts Medical School, Oxford Mindfulness Center),
  • D.U. Medicine Meditation Neurosciences (U Strasbourg),
  • Tarab institute – Unity in duality: Internal sciences of mind and phenomena, according to Buddhist philosophy and psychology (in progress)
  • Acupuncture: D.U. Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine


  • Resilience and transformation of individuals and teams (mindfulness, emotional intelligence, neuroscience…)
  • Business management and consulting: strategy, marketing and communication


  • French
  • English

My Passion

I deeply love nature, which soothes and refreshes me (walking, gardening), and discovering the beauty and diversity of the world, near and far, which fills me with wonder and joy. I meditate, I have been practicing yoga for more than 20 years and more recently I have started to practice Tai Qi Quan and Qi Gong.

Taking care of the living. To understand how "it" works and to contribute to making "it" work better. I rejoice when science confirms the experience of thousands of years of wisdom and health traditions.

Anne- Valérie Giannoli,