Transforming Minds

How transformation can succeed

To support successful transformation, our programmes promote resilience, sustainable performance, and deep collaboration.  Cultivating particular mental and emotional skills is essential to enable leaders and teams to adapt their thinking and behaviour to meet both the challenges and opportunities of the transforming world of work.

Mindfulness in business: nurturing the heart of transformation

Companies that have anchored mindfulness practices into their culture build the foundational capacities for growth and transformation. Create a team, built up a leadership- and overall culture that are vibrant and move with the times! Mindfulness, resilience and collective intelligence are pillars of a healthy culture. Cultivating such new ways of thinking and working enables a growth mindset and emotionally intelligent action.

Awaris accompanies you on this journey – neuroscience-based, mindful, systemically integrated.

Practicing mindfulness strengthens innovative power

Fragmentation, information overload, interconnected processes, increasing complexity: In such an environment, a one-dimensional focus on performance alone quickly reaches its limits. Nurturing presence of mind, resilience and emotional resonance are necessary for innovation and successful collaboration. A caring environment and performance are inseparable. Reflected behavior, the ability to adapt to the context and an emphasis on psychological safety allow genuine value-creating collaboration to emerge. Sustainable transformation needs a basis of mindfulness.    

Awaris has partnered with over 200 companies since 2009. If you are interested in a human-centric sustainable transformation, we have a variety of modular solutions to support a new mindset and behavioral change to help you on this journey. Our highly qualified facilitators can support an anchoring presence, resilience and value-creating collaboration. We think and act systemically. Our approach is based on insights from neuroscience and a deep understanding of workplace realities. Using logic and emotion, we open minds and hearts to new behaviors and ways of thinking.

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To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.

Lao Tzu, Chin. philosopher, 6thcentury BC