The corporate world is changing faster than ever. It’s a challenge not to lose sight of what’s essential. The space for self-reflection and development has shrunk as workplaces have become busier. But without this focus, organisations can stagnate. This is where our structured executive coaching programmes come in. They use mindfulness coaching as a framework to develop an executive’s greatest possible potential. And in doing so, transform your business for the better.


With executive coaching, a framework is created for leaders who want to follow their own solution paths and decide what to do differently. Executive coaching can be used for individuals or teams.

Participants are closely accompanied by a coach. We use a variety of methods – rooted in mindfulness – to help you achieve your defined coaching goals. Neuroscientific research, a systemic approach to business, and mindfulness coaching form the basis of new ways of thinking.

All executive coaching is based on your clearly defined goals. Executive coaching at Awaris is always tailored to the individual or the team, and can be specifically adapted to personal concerns and obstacles.

Our mindfulness coaching and resilience programmes are also offered to managers and employees to regain strength, calm, and clarity.

We are also happy to offer HRV (heart rate variabilitys) measurements to evaluate the results of a mindfulness coaching session, developing concrete measures to bring stress and recovery back into balance.

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