Awaris Team

Christian Thalhammer

Facilitator and coach

Christian is a partner, chairman of the supervisory board and consultant in a Pan-European real estate company he founded. His work in Awaris focuses on leadership, management, mindfulness, work with stress and resilience. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Mind&Life, Europe.

Why am I working for Awaris?
Because it makes sense for me to share my own experiences, I like to work with people and the company is a wonderful community. Christian is part of the Awaris team since 2011.

Christian Thalhammer,
Facilitator and coach


  • Diploma in Chemical Process Engineering, Vienna University of Technology; scientific work in the field of environmental protection, civil engineer
  • Leadership training at the London Business School
  • Training as a meditation teacher in the Buddhist tradition of Rime and in the tradition of Shambhala, as a disciple of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche
  • Hatha yoga training


  • Entrepreneur: since 1989 · Management and organisation: leading positions in politics and business since 1981 to 2009, including 15 years as CEO (real estate)
  • Supervisory Board functions: various companies, chairman since 1984
  • Contemplative experience: meditation experience since 1978, meditation teacher for 35 years, direction and accompaniment of seminars for more than 30 years. Many years of experience in eidostherapy (Fritz Perls) and psychotherapeutic supervision in groups (Eidos/Ekkart Schwaiger). Installation work with Siegfried Essen and Aaron Saltiel. Several years of healing work with Art Reade and Simone Sommer


  • German
  • English

My passion

Life and love

My inner purpose: To use the rest of my life for the well-being of living beings.

Christian Thalhammer,
Facilitator and coach