Awaris Team

Frodo de Valk


Why am I working for Awaris?
To be part of an inspiring european community.

Frodo de Valk,


  • Masters in Andragology , University of Groningen, NL.
  • HRM 2-year master’s course, London Metropolitan University, UK.
  • Psycho-metric and psycho-diagnostics, University of applied sciences IJsselland, NL.
  • Postgraduate course Executive Coaching Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, NL.
  • Certified Mindfulness and Mindfulness in Organisations  trainer.
  • Happiness at work coach (accreditation via iOpener, UK).
  • HR-Manager SBI Group.
  • An expert in HRD specialised in organisation development, management development and learning & development. Passionate about empowering people and adding value.


  • Sustainable employability and mindfulness in organisations. Collaborating with others in different roles being a consultant, (executive) coach, trainer, manager, business partner or leader.


  • Dutch
  • English

My Passion

Family and friends, cycling, mountain bike, (mindful) running, hockey and learning.

My Inner Purpose – Loving your job without purpose feels empty; purpose without loving your job drains your energy. Happiness at work = purpose + loving your job.

Frodo de Valk,