Awaris Team

Liane Stephan

CEO / Founder

Liane is Co-Founder and since 2024 CEO of the Awaris GmbH. She is responsible for the lead of the trainers and the certified training Mindfulness based systemic Coaching (MbsC).
Born in 1957, Liane has over 30 years experience in leadership development, mindfulness and systemic organisation development and culture change.


  • Diploma in sports science
  • Sports psychology
  • Systemic coaching/consulting
  • Organizational development & supervision
  • Integrative therapy
  • Insights MDI
  • Legoplay practioner
  • HRV Firstbeat


  • Leadership development
  • Systemic organizational development
  • Mindful leadership and resilience
  • Cultural change and mindfulness-based systemic coaching (executives) as well as
  • New forms of collaboration


  • German
  • English

I have a passion for

  • People and their diversity
  • Horses and their sensitivity
  • Nature: its beauty and unpredictability

My inner purpose: Every human carries their own wisdom within. To connect with this inherent wisdom and make it tangible and visible, is great joy for me.

Liane Stephan,
CEO / Founder