Awaris Team

Loes Broekmate

Facilitator and trainer development

Loes is a systemic consultant and trainer. Her main areas of focus as a consultant are the support of change projects, designing as well as facilitating team- and leadership developments, supervision of teams and executive coaching. As a trainer, she leads seminars in mindfulness, leadership, change management, self-management, process management and quality management. In the search for possibilities for change, she combines content expertise with a systemic approach and a variety of methods.

Why am I working for Awaris?
Awaris is a company with vision, ethics and heart. At Awaris, I experience how high performance standards, science-based work, continuous learning and a loving working environment in which people generously share their knowledge go together. Loes is part of the Awaris team since 2017.

Loes Broekmate,
Facilitator and trainer development


  • Dutch degree in political science (Drs.), focus: organisational and administrative sciences
  • Pre-diploma in French linguistics and literature
  • Training teacher for mindfulness in organisations (two years of training)
  • Systemic advice for individuals, teams and organisations (one and a half years of training)
  • Running therapist
  • Coaching (one-year training)
  • Moderation/project management (one and a half years of training)
  • CAF/ EFQM Assessor


  • Since 2004: self-employed consultant and trainer
  • Senior consultant at PWC
  • 12 years of internal organisational consultant in a public institution


  • Dutch
  • English
  • German

My inner purpose: To be able to help people to deal better with each other and to work better with the result: less suffering, less friction, better results.

Loes Broekmate,
Facilitator and trainer development