Awaris Team

Matthias Nitsche

Director Digital Business


  • Diploma for Adult Education / Counselling (University of Cologne)
  • Continuing training systemic consulting (Neues Lernen Cologne)
  • Training as a systemic coach (Systeamotion)
  • Insights MDI Master Coach (Scheelen Institute)
  • Firstbeat Lifestyle-Coach
  • Training as an initiative process supervisor / vision search leader (i.A. Eschwege Institute)
  • Training as a yoga and meditation teacher (University of Cologne)
  • Trainer for mindfulness in organisations (Kalapa Academy)


  • Mindfulness training with executives and employees (500+)
  • Individual and team coaching (with and without Insights MDI)
  • Development of client-specific programs
  • Blended learning expert
  • Council in a corporate context
  • App-Architecture


  • German
  • English