Awaris Team

Robert Chender


• Mindfulness in the workplace, supported by neuroscience studies
• Leadership Development
• Resilience
• Mindfulness-based coaching
• Mindfulness teacher training
• Retreats

Why am I working for Awaris?
I have been a friend of Awaris for many years and am delighted to join the team. Awaris is at the forefront of mindfulness in the workplace, with flexibility of offerings and approach to give clients what they need to improve both performance and wellbeing among their teams. Robert joined the awaris team in 2022.

Robert Chender,


  • Vassar College, BA
  • New York University, Juris Doctor
  • Certified mindfulness teacher and meditation instructor
  • Certified teacher of Search Inside Yourself, the mindfulness and emotional intelligence programme developed at Google
  • Board member: Mindful Workplace Community (UK); Mindfulness in Law Society (US); Foundation for a Mindful Society (Canada); Mindfulness in Law Group (UK)
  • Founder: New York City Bar Association Mindfulness and Wellbeing Committee; Mindfulness in Law Group supported by the Law Society of England and Wales


  • I have taught mindfulness programmes and retreats for over 30 years, in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.  Since 2009 I have been teaching mindfulness in the workplace, including a specialty of teaching mindfulness to lawyers and financial professionals.


  • English

My Passion

To enliven and empower people to become their best selves

To help decrease suffering and increase joy in the workplace, through mindfulness and emotional intelligence training.

Robert Chender,