Attention@DB: Focus on safety for train drivers


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Over 9,000 Deutsche Bahn train drivers are on duty every day to transport 4 million people safely. However, the job involves special challenges such as automation and isolation, which can affect concentration. This is where the innovative “Aufmerksamkeit@DB” program comes in to close potential safety gaps and improve the train drivers’ attention.


  1. reduction of potential distractions and accidents: The program aims to minimize distractions and thus reduce the risk of accidents.
  2. recognition of internal factors: by recognizing internal factors, it should be possible to better understand and influence safety-relevant behaviour.
  3. sustainable integration of new behaviors: The focus is on creating long-term behavioral changes in order to keep attention at a permanently high level.
  4. development of mental and emotional strength: The program promotes the mental and emotional strength of train drivers as well as cohesion among them.


In a cooperative collaboration between Awaris and Deutsche Bahn, a customized “blended learning journey” was developed. This includes live training units, video-supported self-learning phases and personal 1:1 coaching elements. The deliberate decision to use small groups strengthens the social cohesion of the train drivers.

An analog workbook and an accompanying app offer practical tips, scientific findings and exercises for the sustainable integration of new behaviors. To date, 1,000 train drivers have already successfully completed the training, with 74% stating that their attention was significantly improved. An impressive 93% integrate the attention exercises they have learned into their daily work routine in the long term.


The evaluations of pre-post surveys show significant and sustainable improvements in safety-relevant behaviors:

+20% increase in regular pausing:
Train drivers take more breaks to avoid potentially risky mistakes.

+12% improved emotion regulation:
An increase in the ability to deal with difficult passengers shows the positive development in emotion regulation.

The “Aufmerksamkeit@DB” program thus makes a significant contribution to increasing safety in rail transport and at the same time strengthening the well-being of train drivers.

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