• Attention@DB

    3 Min.


    Over 9,000 Deutsche Bahn train drivers are on duty every day to transport 4 million people safely. However, the job involves special challenges such as automation and isolation, which can affect concentration. This is where the innovative “Aufmerksamkeit@DB” program comes in to close potential safety gaps and improve the train drivers’ attention.

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  • From Resilience to WE-silience

    15 Min.

    From Resilience to WE-silience

    From Resilience to WE-silience We live in times that call for resilience. Whether it’s adapting to climate change, the accelerating cycle of business transformation, finding calm in the midst of the attention economy, or collaborating in hybrid teams. It’s clear that leaders and employees in organisations face many challenges. Responding to these challenges will require…

  • The Realism of Mindfulness

    17 Min.

    The Realism of Mindfulness

    Abstract Mindfulness practices were not created simply to reduce stress help people focus more. Fundamentally mindfulness is about being able to examine and get used to reality as it is. So mindfulness is not something esoteric – but actually deeply realistic. Many times we are deeply unrealistic about how we or others function – and this…